Fever-Tree launches in South Korea for the first time

The world’s leading premium mixer brand, Fever-Tree, has become available in South Korea for the first time.

Fever-Tree, which was named bestselling and top trending mixer brand in the Drinks International Annual Brands Report 2022 for the eighth year running, is now available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

“As one of Asia’s fastest growing markets, South Korea presents a great opportunity for us to elevate the nation’s favourite serve, the soju tonic or “so-tonic”, and increasingly the highball, with our award-winning premium mixers,” said Tim Warrillow, co-founder and chief executive of Fever-Tree.

South Korea presents an opportunity for the brand to pair with Sojo, the world’s second largest alcohol category behind beer.

As a result of Soju’s popularity, the east Asian nation has been named as Asia’s “most attractive” market for alcohol producers, and Fever-Tree represents the first premium mixer presence.

“We have seen that quality has broad appeal and the trends we identified at the outset are only accelerating,” added Warrillow.

“We are helping to make great-tasting, high-quality long mixed drinks more accessible both at home and out and about to a new culture of drinkers.”

The Fever-Tree selection of mixers available in South Korea includes its Premium Indian Tonic Water, Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Soda Water.