Ukrainian spirits industry professionals launch international cocktail fundraiser

A group of Ukrainian spirits industry professionals have launched a fundraiser calling on bartenders around the world to create a cocktail dedicated to Ukraine.

Bars are then asked to signpost the cocktail on their menu using the BudmoUA sticker and to donate a share of the revenue generated through sales of the cocktail through Budmo is a Ukrainian toast translating to ‘let us be’.

The funds raised are directed to 26 restaurants in the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv which are feeding 16,800 people each day.

Organisers said funds will “provide food to soldiers, medical staff, the elderly and children, young mothers and people in need”.

BudmoUA has also created and made available a QR code for guests to make donations and ready-to-print merchandise designs for the likes of T-shirts and coasters so bars can hold fundraising events.