Brockmans Gin sales hit one million bottles in 12 months

Super-premium gin Brockmans has announced that one million bottles were sold within a 12-month period, a milestone for the brand.

In the 12 months to the end of December 2021, the brand’s revenues also grew 36 per cent, outpacing the already rapidly growing super-premium gin category.

“This is an incredible moment for us as a brand, and we’re extremely proud of our team, partners and distribution network across all of our global markets for achieving this,” said Brockmans’ chief executive, Guy Lawrence.

“As they say, your first million is always the hardest, and we look forward to the next. The category continues to grow rapidly worldwide, with IWSR forecasting Super-Premium Gin to grow 87 per cent over the next five years, or 14.5% per annum, and we intend to perform well ahead of that.”

The UK-based brand ranks among the largest privately-owned super-premium gins in the world and exports globally to markets including the US, Spain, and Germany.