Biscaldi Group buys stake in Viru beer owner

07 August, 2009

Italian-based Biscaldi Group has purchased a stake in UK- based Brand Independence.

Brand Independence owns the Estonian beer Viru.

Biscaldi has made the investment following the strong growth of Viru In Italy.

Pietro Biscaldi, chairman of the Italian group said: “Viru has performed really well in our market since its launch early last year. It is a quality brand with excellent potential. We are confident we can further develop sales in Italy and help Viru achieve the wider international success it deserves.”

Brand Independence director, Paul Baxendale said: “The Biscaldi team have a good deal of experience with international brands in many different markets and clearly recognise the opportunity for Viru. We are looking forward to working with them.”

Viru is a 5% pilsner style beer brewed for export in Estonia. It is packaged in a unique octahedral bottle.

The Biscaldi Group is the parent company of Ty Nant Spring Water.