Nottage Hill Dessert Shiraz

Brand owner Constellation Europe

Produced in Australia

Size 50cl

Price £7.99

Abv 17

Markets UK initially

27 August, 2008
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Constellation Europe is celebrating the 40th anniversary of a classic Australian brand with the launch of Nottage Hill Dessert Shiraz. The first dessert wine produced under the Hardys Nottage Hill brand, it is a ruby red, full-bodied wine with rich dark cherry, blackberry, red plum and soft peppery spice flavours.

Constellation is hoping to open up the dessert category in the UK with a more upfront style of wine with familiar branding . The company is also breaking new ground by using the descriptor Dessert within the style name to help consumers make an informed purchase decision.

Clare Griffiths, VP brands marketing, Constellation Europe, says: "Dessert wines tend to be drunk by affluent, older, consumers of finer food groups. We want to expand this audience with a more accessible dessert wine ."