International grape varieties: bad for wine?

27 August, 2008
Page 23 
In recent times, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz have become brands in the minds of buyers and consumers. Will this lead to a lack of diversity of wine?
----=== Opinions that shape the market ===Just how important is grape variety to consumers in different wine markets? Wine Intelligence's global Vinitrac survey finds that varietal is an important choice cue in all markets, though its ranking compared to other choice cues varies.

In Australia, the US and the UK, consumers consider grape type to be the most important choice cue when they buy wine and look for it ahead of brand, country and region.

In Belgium, Canada, Norway and Sweden, recommendations from friends or family are considered most important, while brand recognition counts the most in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland and Netherlands. Japan and Switzerland are more traditional and are led by country or region of origin.

Paul Medder

Project manager, Vinitrac , Wine Intelligence