Bordeaux reds in Atlantic Challenge maturation experiment

23 June, 2009

The Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur Wine Syndicate is running an experiment to assess the effects of sea travel on wine’s maturation. The Syndicate is sponsoring two French Navy schooners, L’Etoile and La Belle-Poule, on the Tall Ships 2009 Atlantic Challenge.

On board are four cases of red AOC Bordeaux and AOC Bordeaux Superieur, while four identical cases are being stored in cellars in Beychac-et-Caillau, 15km due east of Bordeaux city in the Entre-Deux-Mers region. A comparative tasting will be held in September.

The Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge runs from April 30 to August 16, beginning in Belfast and taking in stops at Halifax (Canada), Boston, Charleston, Bermuda and Tenerife before ending at Vigo on Spain’s Atlantic coast.

At each port of call, visitors to the two ships will be able to taste Bordeaux white, rose and clairet wines , as well as the syndicate’s 15 Top Wines for Summer, which were selected by an all-female panel of judges in April.