Stauning launches limited-edition rye aged in sweet wine casks

Danish whisky brand Stauning has announced the launch of a limited-edition rye whisky matured in Marsala, Gewürztraminer and Romandalo wine casks.

The limited release of 2,909 bottles has been made with floor-mated Danish grain and first aged for three years in American oak before spending two years in the sweet wine barrels.

"The Rye sweet Wine is part of a big project where we have done tests on more than a hundred different casks - different wood, beer, wine, fortified wine, spirits - to find out which type of casks fits the character of a Danish Whisky,” said Alex Munch, co-founder of Stauning Whisky.

“Over the next years, we will see a lot of different bottlings from this project. We vat different types of these casks together to find the best match and complexity. It could be different fortified wines, it could be Calvados and stout beer, it could be mizunara wood and ex-Japanese rum casks or anything. The future will tell."

Stauning Rye Sweet Wine as available at 46% abv at an rrp of £93.42 for 70cl.