Arathorn Grey appointed Tippling Club’s head bartender

Singapore’s Tippling Club, a regular in Asia’s 50 best bars, has announced the appointment of its new head bartender, Arathorn Grey.

Grey was born and raised in Singapore, first developing an interest in bartending whilst travelling in Europe in 2017.

Upon returning to Singapore, Grey worked at Loof, one of the country’ best rooftop bars, before joining Tippling Club in 2020.

Grey will be redesigning Tippling Club’s bar, as entrusted by owner-chef Ryan Clift, building on the venue’s fourteen-year standing as a regular spot for imbibers.

Grey, who likes to add creative touches to classic cocktails, plans to diversify palettes by working with exotic ingredients, moving away from those commonly found in Singapore.

With Grey helming the bar, Tippling Club welcomes guests to enjoy cocktails paired with cuisine that offers an evolving dining experience.