Amaro Santoni partners with The Liana Collection

Dolce-amaro aperitivo, Amaro Santoni, has announced it will be partnering with British distributor The Liana Collection this year, as they continue their expansion within the UK. 

Imbued with 34 natural herbs and botanical, Amaro Santoni was inspired by an original recipe of Gabriello Santoni, who started the Santoni brand in 1960, as the company, in early 2021, began its long term collaboration with Luca Missaglia as managing director partner and Simone Caporale as global brand ambassador.

Missaglia said: “We are extremely excited to work with the Liana Collection to accelerate the growth of Amaro Santoni in the UK over the coming years. They work with some of our most admired brands and we are delighted to have found a partner that prizes independence, inspiration, sustainability as much as we do.” 

Director of The Liana Collection, David Wood, added: “Amaro Santoni shares so many of the values that have made the other brands in our portfolio successful, and we cannot wait to help grow the brand in the years and months ahead.”