Ferrari Trento sees a successful year

Ferrari Trento, the Italian sparkling wine brand, has had a successful year in the world of fine wine, motorsport and wine tourism. 

The official toast of Formula 1, the brand saw 76 Ferrari Trento Jeroboams sprayed on the F1 podium, and 24 Jeroboams sprayed on the W Series, the all-female single-seater racing championship, podium, this season. 

Matteo Lunelli, CEO & president of Ferrari Trento said: “Trentodoc presents itself with a strong identity and personality, with over a century of history and a unique style. Mountain is key for the elegance of our wines, as the warm days and cold nights we have bring a great finesse and a rich bouquet of aromas to our Chardonnay.” 

In June, Formula 1 announced the extension of the Ferrari Trento podium sponsorship, and the use of Ferrari F1 Podium Jeroboams to celebrate the race wins for a further three years until 2025. 

For guests, 60,000 bottles of Ferrari Trento Brut were served at the Grands Prix, as the winery decided to further support the F1 season with a project that involved all the Grands Prix in 2022. 

Unique bottles, in the shape of Ferrari F1 Podium Jeroboams autographed by the winning drivers, were put up for auction on F1 Authentics raising £30,000 so far, to be donated to the Red Cross, in support of the victims of the war in the Ukraine. 

2023 will bring new opportunities for Ferrari Trento, such as races in new areas like Las Vegas.