Everleaf partners with UK bars this ‘Try January’

This January, Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitif will be partnering with bars across the UK for its ‘Try January’ initiative, offering a complimentary cocktail to consumers.

The initiative has been designed to make January, which can be a tough month for the hospitality industry and consumers, easier by encouraging people to get out and be social.

To take part, guests can take a picture of the receipt which they will then be able to use to reclaim the full cost of the drink from Everleaf, after they enjoy a signature Everleaf spritz or cocktail. 

Venues will be paid in full at point of purchase, meaning they don’t lose out and are able to help those who partake in the initiative. 

A full list of venues with a map and link will be available on the Everleaf Drinks site here. Venues so far confirmed include Bills, The Botanist & Florist sites nationwide as well as London bars such as the Connaught Bar, Happiness Forgets and The Golden Pineapple in Brighton.

Launched in 2019, the Everleaf range today includes its Forest, Mountain and Marine expressions, acting as both inspiration for flavour profiles and sources for key botanicals.