Mor Koral wins Patrón Perfectionists 2023

Mor Koral, founder of Cocktail Kitchen company in Tel Aviv, has been crowned global winner of the 2023 Patrón Perfectionists.

As part of the global winner prize, Koral will now embark on a year of travel and experiences around the world as Patrón Perfectionists and Academia Patrón community contributor.

Koral said: “For me the Patrón Perfectionists has been a journey that started in 2017, when I first took part in the program in Tel Aviv. Since then, I’ve been dreaming of making it to the global final at Hacienda Patrón, in Mexico. I am so incredibly excited to have been able to join this amazing group of people and celebrate my culture, rituals and ingredients alongside Patrón Tequila in its very home.”

This year’s Patrón Perfectionists global final event tasked the 15 global finalists with three challenges. Field to Flavor, the first challenge, saw bartenders receive the brief on spot in the middle of agave fields in the Highlands of Jalisco. 

With a Mexican market stall featuring indigenous ingredients selected by chef Ana Martorell, the bartenders were given 45 minutes to create a cordial made of one of the market’s ingredients and use it to build a Patrón Reposado highball. Koral created a Guava Horchata based Patrón Reposado highball, made with a home-made cordial of Guava, honey, rice syrup, lime juice, Sherry, cinnamon, and ginger.

Challenge #2, The Stories We Share, tasked participants with developing a Patrón cocktail recipe and story inspired by Mexico’s culture. Koral made a cocktail called El Mundo Magico, inspired by late surrealist and Mexico-resident artist Leonora Carrington, with Patrón Reposado, atole de elote, Mexican falernum and lime.

The grand finale, Mi Mesa es Tu Mesa, saw bartenders design a hospitality experience, with a memorable service of a neat Patrón tequila serve, paired with a non-alcoholic side cocktail creation. Koral put in place a collective ritual around a Mazet style dinner. Rotating around the table at the rhythm of music, judges participated in setting up the food feast with typical Israeli ingredients cooked by Koral. 

A tribute to togetherness and conviviality, Koral’s service featured a neat serve of Patrón Silver accompanied by her non-alcoholic creation Frankincense & More, clarified "labneh" cheese water, holy honey syrup, lemon juice and water.

The Patrón Perfectionists global final event took place at Hacienda Patrón, Jalisco, Mexico, from 24 to 30 March 2023.