Belvedere unveils release inspired by vodka making process

Belvedere has released its Belvedere 10, crafted from the single harvest of one rye field.

The release pays tribute to Belvedere’s origins, inspired by the vodka making process used in 1910 when the distillery was first established.

Francois Xavier Desplancke, president and CEO of Belvedere Vodka, said: “Capturing the unedited, uncompromising mood of modern culture, Belvedere 10 and its bottle are simplistic in its purity, yet architecturally magnificent. From field to bottle, the organic Diamond Rye shines through every step behind the creation of this liquid.”

Belvedere 10 begins with the single harvest of organic Diamond Rye, grown in a single field on an estate in north-east Poland. Crafted annually in small batches, the spirit is rested for ten months and distilled four times. 

Finally, it is rested for ten months, with the bottle standing ten levels tall, in tribute to the liquid's 10-step creation process.   

Belvedere 10 will be unveiled in selected European hotspots this summer to then be released in the US and in cities worldwide in September for an rrp of £180.