Menu of the month: Double Chicken Please

Double Chicken Please is really two bars. In the front, a casual space slinging quick-to-serve cocktails on tap and in the back a high-concept drinks list inspired by food.

“I call the cocktail programme in the back room adult dinner,” says Tako Chang, manager of brand marketing and PR communication at Double Chicken Please.

“Each drink is a reinterpretation of a food told as a cocktail. We have 12 cocktails, and they are all the liquid form of a dish. Every guest would’ve had one of these dishes before so it would resonate with them. That’s how [owners] GN [Chan] and Faye [Chen] developed the cocktail programme.

“GN always had the idea to create a cocktail menu that resonates with daily life and nothing tastes better than nostalgia. He doesn’t drink much so that’s where the concept of food came from. The drinks are all developed based on the principle of hacking design, deconstructing flavours and rebuilding into a new product.”

Japanese Cold Noodle

The drink is a twist on a Piña Colada with cucumber juice and sesame oil, common flavour pairings in GN Chan’s native Taiwan.

“Japanese Cold Noodle was the very first cocktail GN came out with that followed the principles of hacking design. He won Bacardi Legacy with this drink [when it was known as Venceremos] before Double Chicken Please even opened,” says Chang.

Bacardi Superior, pineapple, cucumber, coconut, lime, sesame oil

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and aerate with a milk frother before adding to a shaker and shaking. Strain and serve in a rocks glass over a big block of ice.

Cold Pizza

Don Fulano Blanco, Parmigiano Reggiano, burnt toast, tomato, basil, honey, egg white

French Toast

Grey Goose, roasted barley, brioche, coconut milk, maple syrup, egg

Red Eye Gravy

Teeling Irish whiskey, coffee butter, corn, walnut, wild mushroom, microwaved coppa