Israeli Wine Producers Association pleads for trade help

To raise awareness and in support of Israeli wineries, the Israeli Wine Producers Association (IWPA), a trade organisation promoting Israeli wineries through wine education and events, has plead for investment.

The conflict which broke out on October 7 between Israel and Hamas has had an immediate, concrete impact on Israel’s wine sector. Harvest began shortly before the attacks, which meant that the sorting, crushing and fermentation processes were largely carried out under the threat of attack.

For many wineries, production teams have been depleted as employees have been called up to help defend the country.

“Winemaking has its own schedule, unlike other industries where you can pause production or run with limited staff. Grapes grow and ripen when they do; the winemaking process is very hands-on. Without staff, many wineries face an impending crisis,” said Joshua Greenstein, vice president of the IWPA.

“Additionally, wine is usually something enjoyed when you go out to eat or to a party, and people in Israel aren’t feeling particularly celebratory these days. It’s catastrophic not just for this years’ sales, but for the vintages that won’t be ready for sale for years to come.”

Asked what people can do to help, Greenstein added: “Buy a bottle of Israeli wine. Not only will the purchase help the wineries, but we’re donating 10% of every case shipped from now until December 31 to Israeli relief efforts. With the wine consuming public’s support, these challenges are surmountable, and wineries will still craft wines that accurately and deliciously reflect the character of the vintage and of Israel, just as they always have.”