Ajabu Cocktail and Spirits Festival to debut in South Africa

Africa's first bi-annual international cocktail and spirits festival, Ajabu, is set to debut in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2024.

Taking place in both Johannesburg from March 10-13 and Cape Town from March 13-18, Ajabu will host each city’s most known venues for a line-up of collaborations. 

Colin Asare-Appiah, who co-curated Ajabu with Mark Talbot Holmes, said: "Ajabu is a platform to celebrate Africa's vibrant spirit and bartending culture. We’re committed to fostering the growth of the hospitality industry across the continent by inspiring and empowering the bartending community.”

Ajabu aims to become Africa's leading spirits and cocktail festival, connecting the hospitality industry and its community across Africa and beyond.

Participating international bars include Milady’s, Rayo and Trailer Happiness who will partner with bars across Africa such as Front Back and Hero for a week of education sessions, forums, wine tours, and hosted dinners at local Johannesburg and Cape Town venues. 

The March edition of Ajabu will be followed by another week-long event across both cities in November, in partnership with Cape Town Beverage Show.