Brands Report 2024: Vodka

­The top spot back and forth of recent years continues, with other familiar names jostling for the rest of the list.

Continuing their dance for the top spot as the bestseller in vodka, Bacardi’s Grey Goose secured the position, with Diageo’s Ketel One coming in as runner-up. For the past couple of years the two brands have been alternating in the top positions, with Pernod Ricard’s Absolut following steadily in third place.

However, despite being runner-up, Ketel One is the house pour in 23% of bars we polled, a second choice in 14% and third choice in 8%. Grey Goose is the ­first-choice in 12% of bars, most likely due to it being a higher price than other workhorse spirits. It was the second-bestselling vodka in 27% of bars and third in 21% of bars. With vodka classically shining through in the Martini, which is typically ordered with a speci­fic brand in mind, it’s clear in our analysis which these are, with Ketel One a top-three vodka in 45% of bars to Grey Goose’s 60%. Ketel One may be more often seen in these bars’ speed rails but it’s Grey Goose’s role as a more premium trade-up for guests that gives it the top spot.

LVMH’s Belvedere is in fourth. While not a popular house pour, appearing in just 4% of top choices in bars polled, much like Grey Goose, it shone as a requested pour, with 11% of bars choosing it as both second and third. Texas-produced Tito’s, a strong brand in the US, was a bestseller in 5% of bars.

How we did it

The Annual Brands Report results are the culmination of a survey of 100 bars from around the world which have been nominated or won international awards. The report offers a picture of the buying habits of the world’s best bars – not only which brands sell best, but also what’s trending to indicate the brands that are hot right now.

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