Campari launches vermouth advocacy programme

Campari Group has launched the Vermouth Society, a new global bartender engagement programme designed around Vermouth Del Professore and 1757 Vermouth di Torino.

The Vermouth Society is set to create and unite a global community of vermouth-loving bartenders, led by brand advocates Leonardo Leuci and Giorgio Bargiani. 

Simone Massaro, Campari Group global trade advocacy director, said: “Connecting the bar community and providing education in a relevant and creative way with the support of top industry insiders is a core value of the Campari Group and something we’ve been fostering through Campari Academy globally.”

Launching in March 2024, the programme will initially roll out across six countries with participating bartenders being selected locally in the UK, Greece, France, Italy, the US and Brazil.

Bartenders selected by their local market representatives will take part in local activations and workshops alongside a global series of educational and creative sessions.