Monica Berg wins Parabere Care Award

Monica Berg has been awarded with the Parabere Care Award for best practice in business, including fair and ethical conditions, and managing wellness across teams.

Parabere Forum, the international organisation promoting female talent and entrepreneurship in hospitality, created the award to help build a sustainable hospitality industry.

According to the Parabere Care Award Committee, Berg has inspired a world-wide community with her approach to sustainability, work-life integration and flexible working arrangements.

“I’m very grateful for the support and recognition of receiving the Parabere Care Award, and it motivates me to try even harder for the future," said Berg. “Our industry is built on the foundation of taking care of people, so I think it’s great we finally focus equally on taking care of our own and ourselves. It is, and always will be, a continuous work in progress - but I’m hopeful together we can make the necessary changes for the generations to come.”

Berg is currently number one in Drinks International’s Bar World 100 and co-founded P(our) Symposium, an industry non-profit and charity. The treatment of staff at Tayer + Elementary was also considered for her award.

This is the ninth edition of the award and it was presented to Berg on 4 March in Rome, Italy.