Menu of the month: Bar les Ambassadeurs

Bar Les Ambassadeurs at Hôtel de Crillon has just launched the latest edition of its seasonal menu, A Sense of Taste: Spring Harvest. 

Under the watch of bar manager Kevin Rigault, the team has come up with 15 cocktails which aim to harness and show off produce that thrives in the spring months.

The artwork for each drink has been generated by AI to match the aesthetic and flavour of the cocktails.


Strawberry is a standout drink on the new menu. While similar to a Sour in appearance, the drink gets its silky texture from a combination of the port, yuzu liqueur and verjus.

The vibrant pink separates it from any other drink on the menu and demonstrates the diversity of the set list created by Rigault and his team.

Roku gin, tawny port, yuzushu, strawberry, verjus, verbena

Method: Combine all the ingredients and shake. Garnish with a native edible yellow flower


Domaine des Hautes Glaces Vulson, Lutèce aperitif, Suze, Mancino Ambrato, white port


Michter’s bourbon, fresh rhubarb, fennel seed soda


Casamigos Blanco, sage, Green Chartreuse, Bénédictine, lime, pink pepper, Perrier