Markham wins No3 Unrivalled Classics UK final

Martha May Markham of Swift in London has won the UK final of the Unrivalled Classics cocktail competition by No.3 Gin.

Markham beat eight other finalists with her Toe The Lime cocktail and has now qualified for the global final which will take place at the De Kuyper distillery in Schiedam in September.

“This was such an incredible outcome," said Markham. "I couldn’t be more grateful to the people who helped me along the way from Liverpool to London. I love No.3 and it’s such a special moment to be UK champion.”

Oscar Perry of Murder Inc and Rory Carroudos from Blinker came second and third respectively to complete the podium.

No3 Unrivalled Classics is a new competition which was designed to champion a classic gin cocktail and for 2024, competing bartenders were tasked with creating their own Gimlet Martini.

Markham’s Toe The Lime Gimlet consisted of No.3 Gin, lime cheesecake cordial, cardamon tincture and digestive crumb with oak smoked sea salt.