The Dead Rabbit expands into Texas

The Dead Rabbit team and managing partner Jack McGarry are expanding the Irish pub out of Manhattan, New York and into Austin, Texas.

Led by McGarry, director of operations Laura Torres and beverage director Aidan Bowie, The Dead Rabbit Austin offers the same bar and food program with a nod to southern tradition. 

“Our lofty, but attainable, mission with The Dead Rabbit is to rewrite the standard for pubs internationally, reframing Irish culture and banishing stereotypes along the way,” said McGarry. “Austin is a city known for its vibrant social and music scene and one could draw parallels between Texas hospitality and traditional Irish pub culture.”

Alongside the pub, Crown Creative will be opening a venue of its Belfast Neighbourhood Café, in the adjacent space this month, offering an all-day experience to guests.

The Dead Rabbit Austin is the first of multiple expansions for the pub in the coming years, with a Washington, D.C. and Boston location to open in 2025.