Pernod UK launches bartender website

Pernod Ricard UK has launched a bartender networking and knowledge sharing website. features tips from industry experts and the project is the brainchild of Illy Jaffar, Pernod Ricard UK’s head of brand advocacy.

Expert contributors include Henry Besant of the Worldwide Cocktail Club, Ian Wisniewski (vodka and malt whiskies), Geraldine Coates (gin), Dave Broom (rum and blended whiskies), Nicholas Faith (cognac and brandy), Mark Ridgwell (bourbon/American whiskey), Thomas Estes (agave spirits), Ago Perrone (vermouth and bitters), Gary Regan (legendary bars and bartenders), Jared Brown and Anistasia Miller (classic cocktails and ingredients).

Jaffar said: “Drinkology has garnered astounding support from some of the drinks industry’s biggest hitters, who appreciate the site’s category-focused, knowledge-sharing stance.”

Besant said: “Unlike the United States, the UK doesn’t currently have a single dedicated online community for bartenders that serves as both networking and knowledge portal.

“We’re fixing that with Drinkology - a place where bartenders can get quality and credible information, gain direct access to experts they may otherwise not, share their views and learn from each other in an informal, non-branded environment.”