Scotch whisky exports rise in H1 2010

Scotch whisky exports are up 17% compared with last year, with nine of the category’s top ten markets in growth.

The H1 figures, published by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), show that exports were valued at £1.47b.

Among the markets recording growth were South Africa (44%), the US (34%) and France (6%).

While in Greece “tough economic conditions” engendered down trading of 9%.

Gavin Hewitt, SWA chief executive, said: “Scotch whisky distillers continue quietly and consistently to deliver impressive exports in

many markets.”

Within the category, single malt scotch whisky exports rose by 31% to £242m, while blended shipments were up 9% to £1.1b.

Blended malt scotch whisky exports, according to the SWA, showed “strength” for the first time, with a value of £57m.

The SWA also found that global volumes of scotch whisky exports rose by 3%, a total of 477m bottles.

Hewitt added: “The industry welcomes the UK Coalition government’s commitment to support exports. With a trade white paper being developed, fair market access for scotch whisky must be a priority.

“We also look to the UK government to create a domestic business environment which supports exporters. Bold reform is needed at home to introduce a fair and socially responsible UK excise duty system, which also secures revenue to address the deficit.”