Chivas launches $200,000 whisky

Chivas Brothers has launched a US$200,000 whisky as a tribute to the oldest crown jewels in Britain - the Honours of Scotland.

Royal Salute Tribute to Honour includes "scarce whiskies" selected from the Royal Salute Vault at Strathisla. Master blender Colin Scott has produced 21 bottles of Tribute to Honour - to mark his 21 years as blender.

Scott said: “Chivas Brothers has a phenomenal archive of high-aged whiskies, some of which, after decades of careful maturation, have acquired a rich intensity and deep concentration of sumptuous characters. It is these very few whiskies which I have personally selected to compose Tribute To Honour – this opulent and rarest of blends.”

The whiskies included in the blend are at least 45 years old and they are presented in a bottle dressed by jeweller to royalty, Garrard.

The black porcelain flagon features 413 white and black diamonds, some of which form the shape of the Sword of State: one of pieces that makes up The Honours of Scotland.

The whisky will be available from September 2011 and the bottles are individually numbered and priced at US$200,000 excluding taxes. One of the 21 bottles will be kept in the Royal Salute Vault.

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