Stella crowns World Draught Master 2011

Stella Artois has crowned its World Draught Master for 2011 following the final of the global competition in Buenos Aires.

Nanda Nkumar Sethy, representing Dubai, prevailed from a 25-strong, international field of bartenders, impressing judges with his rendition of Stella Artois’ nine-step ‘pouring ritual’.

Sethy, originally from India, now begins his year-long role as global brand ambassador for Stella Artois . 

Binod Karel of Hong Kong came in second place and Stocia Simona Nicoleta of Romania came third.

James Watson, Stella Artois western European marketing director, said: “Stella Artois World Draught Masters competition is integral to our ongoing quest to deliver superior beer experiences around the world.

“We were especially pleased to extend the reach of the event through our live stream of the show, enjoyed by viewers at home, and at local viewing parties where friends and family of our competitors gathered to show their support.”

Stella Artois’ nine-step pouring ritual is as follows:

1) The Purification - Use a clean and rinsed Stella Artois chalice glass
2) The Sacrifice - Open the tap in one quick action and let the first drops of beer flow away
3) The Liquid Alchemy - Hold the glass just under the tap without touching it at a 45° angle
4) The Head - Lower the glass to allow the natural formation of the foam head
5) The Removal - Close the tap quickly and move the glass away so beer doesn’t drip into the glass
6) The Beheading - While the head foams up and overflows the side of the glass, smooth it gently with a head cutter
7) The Cleansing - Clean the bottom and sides of the glass
8) The Judgement  - The right amount of foam is usually about two fingers
9) The Bestowal - Present the beer on a clean beer coaster with the logo facing the consumer