Nomacorc launches closure for aging wine

Nomacorc has launched Select 100, a closure for fragile wines and full bodied red wines that requiring extended aging.

The world’s leading synthetic closure manufacturer has described Select 100 as its most advanced, co-extruded closure to date.

Malcolm Thompson, global vice president of marketing and innovation at Nomacorc, said: "The Select 100 will be a game-changer for winemakers, especially for those who think screw cap or microagglomerated closures are most appropriate for their winemaking style.”

 Nomacorc claims the technology also prevents the process of reduction – the occurrence of sulfur compounds due to a paucity of oxygen ingress post bottling, a fault widely associated with screw cap closures.

Stéphane Vidal, Nomacorc's global director of oenology, said “Select 100 provides oxygen ingress levels close to zero during the initial stages of wine development, then introduces a very low and consistent level of oxygen during later stages of maturation, when wines are most susceptible to reduction.

"Through this breakthrough process, which manages oxygen in two discrete phases, Select 100 maximizes aroma preservation and freshness while preventing the formation of undesirable sulfur off-notes."