Johnnie Walker and Jenson Button to make whisky

Diageo is to create a £30,000 whisky inspired by Formula One driver Jenson Button.

As part of the company’s “Step Inside the Circuit” global campaign for the Johnnie Walker sponsorship of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team the Diageo brand is creating John Walker & Sons Signature Blend Vodafone McLaren Mercedes edition.

Formula One world champion Jenson Button visited the Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai to initiate a ‘rare blend’ of Johnnie Walker whiskies. Nick Morgan, Diageo’s head of whisky outreach and blending expert, was there to guide Button through the flavour discovery experience, which uses a nosing technique similar to that used by the master blender.

The flavours and scents selected by Button are to serve as a foundation for Johnnie Walker’s master blender, Jim Beveridge, to blend John Walker and Sons Signature Blend, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes edition.

The limited edition will be available exclusively at Shanghai’s Johnnie Walker House - the first whisky embassy and Johnnie Walker boutique outside of Scotland. The purchaser will also receive a Johnnie Walker Step Inside the Circuit experience with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes – which includes hospitality and behind the scenes access to Formula One at a race city of their choice.

Twenty bottles of the blend will be created and Button will receive one. The £30,000 bottles are to be sold by invitation only at Shanghai’s Johnnie Walker House, from September.