Sauvignon Blanc de Loire ambassadors 2012

InterLoire, the interprofessional body for Loire wines has announced that 18 wines from AOC Touraine and Vins de Pays du Val de Loire 2011 vintage have been selected as “Ambassador wines” for the Sauvignon Blanc de Loire project this year.

The selection tasting was led by Sam Harrop MW and took place in the region in March. The panel featured UK wine journalists Tim Atkin MW, Charles Metcalfe and Jamie Goode, and wine consultant Annette Scarfe.

InterLoire says the panel chose the wines which best represent the quality, diversity and terroir of Sauvignon Blanc de Loire and wines which they consider have the best commercial chances of success in export markets and specifically in the UK.

Harrop said: “The percentage of 2011 Ambassadors selected from the wines entered was similar to last year, when we were looking at the easier 2010 vintage. Most winemakers coped very well this year, and some fantastic wines were produced - confirmation that, with more technical knowledge and understanding of the UK market’s needs, producers in the Loire are seeing much greater consistency in quality from one vintage to the next.”

The tasting is part of the Sauvignon Blanc de Loire Project which is run by InterLoire, managed by a local oenological technical team and employs Harrop as its international consultant. The main purpose is to create a better profile for Sauvignon Blanc de Loire, and to raise the region’s image in order to increase the perception and value of the wines on the UK market. 

Sauvignon Blanc de Loire Ambassadors 2012

IGP/Vin de Pays du Val de Loire

Domaine Auguste Bonhomme, cuvée Jean de La Roche

Caves du Haut Poitou, cuvée Brumes de Loire

Vignerons de la Vallée du Cher, cuvée La Marinière

Vignoble Cogné

Château de Fresne

Ackerman, cuvée Ackerman

Henri Bourgeois, cuvée Petit Bourgeois

AOP/AOC Touraine

Domaine Octavie, cuvée Prestige d’Octavie

Domaine de la Renne, cuvée l’Expression

Domaine des Corbillières

Domaine de La Renaudie

Domaine Joël Delaunay

Domaine Pré Baron, cuvée L’Elégante

Domaine Pré Baron, cuvée Domaine Pré Baron

Complices de Loire, cuvée Pointe d’Agrumes

Domaine Villebois, cuvée Villebois Prestige

Alpha Loire Domaines, cuvée Domaine de La Croix Bouquie

SCEA Les Hauts Lieux, cuvée Domaine Guenault