Meantime in £3m brewing expansion

Meantime Brewing Company is to open “London’s biggest new brewery since 1936”. The new facility is to quadruple Meantime’s beer production capacity to 100,000 hectolitres and will host a visitor’s centre and shop.

The business is investing £3 million over the next two years and aims to create 30 new jobs in London as a result of its expansion. The jobs will come as part of the new brewery (across production, tour guide recruitment, catering and support), as well as in support roles across its marketing, finance and management teams. The brewer also plans to expand its retail estate over the coming months.

Nick Miller, chief executive of Meantime Brewing Company said: “We will be able to produce 28 different types of beer at our new brewery – all using the latest technology to create the perfect brew, every time.

“But we don’t want our new space to just be about making beer. We want to open our doors and use our site to welcome the public in and to educate them about the full spectrum of beers they can enjoy – we aim to change the way that drinkers think about their national beverage. The visitors’ centre, tasting rooms, tutored tastings and brewery tours are all part of that education philosophy.”

Meantime will use the space to host tutored tastings for the public as well as its trade customers.

Miller added: “At the moment, the market is dominated by pretty homogenous big-brand lagers, ales and stouts.

“We want to take visitors behind the scenes at our new brewery and show them alternatives to the mass-produced products available today.”