English sparkling slaughtered on The Apprentice

Hands up who was watching The Apprentice last night on BBC?  The teams had to promote awareness of English sparkling wine.

They managed to make a right dog's dinner of it and probably set back English wine 10 years! I exaggerate...
Nevertheless, even with one of the benighted contestants purporting to come from a wine investment company, the best they came up with was "Grandeur" (French?) and ESW, as in English sparkling wine. they were supposed to be promoting it as a premium product which it undoubtedly is.
One of the promotional videos was straight out of the 'Carry On' cannon. As Alan Sugar said, you were half expecting Kenneth Williams to pop out with something along the lines of "Oh, you are awful".
The expert panel included Mike Roberts from Ridgeview, Julia Trustram Eve representing English Wine Producers and Stephen Skelton MW, a seminal figure in English wine.
They must have been laughing and weeping at the same time. How they appeared impassive is beyond comprehension.
I can't believe Stephen Skelton said nothing. It must have been edited out. if anyone was going to say it how it was, Mr. Skelton would be the man.
Anyway, it was dreadful but here I am blogging about so it must have worked.
check it out on BBC iPlayer....