Spot on for Yellow Spot

Irish Distillers launched Yellow Spot, ‘son of Green Spot’, last night in London. The great and the good of whisk(e)y’s fourth estate crammed into a bar in the sumptuous Connaught Hotel for the unveiling and tasting.

Bloggers, tweeters and plain old writers and journalists were there in force for the latest single pot still whiskey from ID’s enormous whiskey distillery just outside Cork on Ireland’s south coast.

Temperatures were high and deodorants were working overtime.

Aged in American bourbon, sherry and Malaga casks, the latter containing 100% Pedro Ximinez grapes, the 12-year-old, 46% abv whiskey boasted a defining sweetness with notes of apricot and peaches.

After the initial launch and tutored tasting there was much tasting and comparing with the likes of Green Spot, Red Breast and Midleton.

The hospitality continued with dinner at Bentley’s in Swallow Street, off Regent Street, where guests ate smoked mackerel, rolled loin of pork and crumble. Pernod Ricard and Irish Distillers are generous hosts and certainly know how to put on a press briefing/product launch, followed by a dinner for those inclined. The Irish, as per their stereotypical image are relaxed, natural hosts who obviously enjoy the fruits of their own labours. A very pleasant evening was had by all.

The Irish whiskey story continues to get better and more interesting.