European Parliament slams one-bag rule

The European Travel Retail Council (ETRC) has welcomed the European Parliament’s recent motion to stop budget airlines charging passengers for carrying more than one bag in their hand luggage.  

The European Parliament has thrown its weight behind a recent report undertaken by the EP transport committee, which revealed the negative impact of the one-bag rule on regional European airports, which increasingly rely on retail sales to support their operations. The report claimed some airports had lost up to 70% of their sales due to the one-bag rule.

ETRC president Frank O’Connell said: “I am pleased the European Parliament recognised the urgent need to put an end to airlines forcing passengers to pay exorbitant sums to bring airport shopping onboard. Charging up to Ä40 (£32) to bring on board a bag of duty free is grossly unfair upon the passenger and is destroying established airport retailing.”

Ryanair, the EU’s largest low-cost airline, and other no-frills EU-based carriers limit passengers to a single carry-on bag, charging anybody taking on extra bags, purses and duty-free purchases.