Żubrówka Biała joins The Millionaires’ Club

Żubrówka Biała has gained inclusion into The Millionaires’ Club 2012 after becoming CEDC’s second biggest brand and the world's 83rd largest selling spirit in 2011.

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The Polish vodka brand sold 2.45 million 9-litre cases during its first full year of sales (2011), taking the brand past seven of its CEDC stablemates and up to 18 in the list of best selling vodkas.

Żubrówka Biała, which is the sister brand to CEDC’s Żubrówka Bison Grass, became the group’s second largest Millionaire brand behind the Russian heavyweight Zelenaya Marka (Green Mark).

Commenting on the brand’s debut in The Millionaires’ Club,  Anna Załuska, corporate PR manager at CEDC said: “The launch of Żubrówka Biała was a tremendous success for CEDC. Already after first quarter in the market the brand gained over a 4% market share [in Poland].

"We attribute this success to the whole product mix – the strong, recognizable brand of Żubrówka, the recipe prepared by our competent technology team in the Białystok distillery, the mild taste achieved through six-stage distillation and platinum filtration, the packaging and the sales strategy.

Zaluska said the Polish market is still dominated by clear vodka and Żubrówka Biała has become the number three brand in the segment.

She added: “The success of Żubrówka Biała encouraged us to extend the line further and introduce in April 2012 Żubrówka Palona, a whiskey based spirit, aged in oak barrels that have previously held cherry infusions prepared in Białystok distillery. The preliminary reaction of the market is very promising.”

CEDC’s nine Millionaire vodka brands, in order of size, are: Zelenaya Marka/Green Mark (9.30m cases), Żubrówka Biała (2.45m), Absolwent (2.20m), Yamskaya (2.00m), Parliament (2.00m), Zhuravli (1.95m), Bols (1.10m), Soplica (1.05), and Żubrówka (1.03m).