Domecq is new Sherry Institute president

The Sherry Institute of Spain has appointed Beltrán Domecq as its new president.

The decision by the Consejo Regulador, which represents growers and wine-makers in the Jerez region of south-west Spain, was unanimous.

Domecq is a famous name in sherry. He is a direct descendant of some of the most historical names in the local wine-making scene and is acknowledged an authority on the famous fortified Spanish wine.

Born in Jerez in 1946 and educated in Spain and England, Domecq is an oenologist by education and vocation. His first professional assignment was at Williams & Humbert’s bodega in Jerez, although most of his career has taken place in the historic house of Pedro Domecq, (today´s Beam Jerez).

As director of Domecq`s vineyard division, he had responsibilities in different technical areas such as production, quality control, research and development.

Domeca said: “Even though the situation that the sherry sector is facing nowadays is not easy, we must be optimistic. In this regard, I am absolutely committed to working as president.

“With the help of all the members of the denomination, bodegas and vineyard growers alike, and putting our efforts in line, there is no doubt that we will be able to reach our common goals and build a brilliant future for sherry”.