The Balvenie, Laphroaig, Cointreau & Brugal editions launch

New travel retail exclusive editions of The Balvenie, Laphroaig, Brugal and Cointreau were unveiled at Cannes yesterday (Tuesday October 23).

William Grant & Sons launched The Balvenie Triple Cask range from its stand at TFWA.

The range comprises a 12 YO, 16 YO and 25 YO expression, each of which have been matured in three steps using different styles of barrel.

First fill bourbon are used first, refill bourbon casks are used second, followed by a final period of aging in Jerez sherry casks.

Master Blender at William Grant & Sons, David Stewart, told journalists at the unveiling: “I wanted to create a whisky that was sweet and honeyed but each of the whiskies [in the range] has a unique flavour.”

The range was described by the spirits group as a permanent addition to global travel retail.

Maxxium ravel Retail also chose TFWA Cannes to launch travel retail-exclusives of the Beam-owned Islay whisky, Laphroiag.

The new look Laphroaig GTR range comprises: QA, the new entry level brand which is priced at €55; An Cuan Mor, also newly launched and priced at €95; Laphroaig PX (€75) and Laphrpoig 25 YO (€300), which were both already in market.

Maxxium and brand owner Edrington also unveiled Brugal Papa Andres, a new ‘ultra-premium’ rum.

Named after the company’s founder Don Andres Brugal, Brugal Papa Andres is limited to 500 bottles, exclusive to travel retail and is priced at €900/$1,200.

Rémy Cointreau was at the show with its new line extension, Cointreau Noir, a 40% abv blend of orange liqueur and Rémy Marin cognac.

The group said the product was the result of an alliance between the master distiller of the House of Cointreau, Bernadette Langlais and Pierrette Trichet cellar master at Rémy Martin.

The new liqueur will arrive in travel retail in the Americas this autumn followed by Asia and Europe.

Matthew Hodges, marketing and business development director at Rémy Cointreau GTR, said: “Cointreau Noir marks a rare partnership between these two historic houses which have combined their talents to produce a new liqueur.”

“Cointreau Noir is a sultry dark version of the orange liqueur we know and love – the blend of Cointreau and cognac seems to add depth which we believe will appeal to dark spirits connoisseurs as well as lovers of cocktails.”