Ten Midleton pot still whiskeys launch

Pernod Ricard’s Irish Distillers has built on its commitment to the single pot still Irish whiskey category with the release of ten new Midleton whiskeys.

The new single-cask, pot still expressions have been released exclusively to accounts in Ireland, France, Germany and the UK, with each bottle bearing the name of the retailer from which it is sold.

Six stores - James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store, Dublin Airport, La Maison du Whisky, Irisch Lifestyle and The Whisky Exchange – are involved in the launch, taking between one and three of the ten expressions.

Each bottling has been matured in ex-bourbon casks, as is the Midleton style, which have been charred and seasoned with bourbon.

Casks, each of which produced about 185 bottles of whisky, were laid down between 1991 and 1999.

Each expression is presented in a similar packaging to Midleton Very Rare, which Irish Distillers considers to be Midleton’s “most exclusive whisky”.

Prices will be decided by the retailer but are listed below where available.

Barry Crockett, master distiller at Midleton Distillery, said: “The Midleton brand name is synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship and the extension of the single pot still single cask releases has allowed us to further showcase the quality of the single pot still style to whiskey connoisseurs, who eagerly anticipate opportunities to taste Midleton whiskeys."

The new releases follow the launch of Irish Distillers' first single pot still, single cask account exclusive at the Celtic Whisky Shop, in November 2010.

Crockett added: “The response to the release of cask #71578 in 2010 was phenomenal, so I anticipate a similar reaction this year and look forward to discussing each cask with single pot still whiskey advocates.”

According to Irish Distillers, tasting notes for Midleton Single Pot Still Single Cask Irish Whiskeys are as follows:


Cask #7102 [60.0% ABV]

Date of Bonding 29 October 1997, exclusive to La Maison du Whisky (355 Euros)

Nose A balance of spices, herbs, fruits and wood derived aromas. Marzipan, leather, pipe tobacco, coffee beans and dark chocolate sit comfortably with the fruity aromas of pineapple, mango and overripe banana.

Taste Silky smooth in texture with layers of fruits and spices including almond, mango, vanilla and barley.

Finish Exceptionally long with all the flavours remaining in balance until the very end.


Cask #53735 [56.9% ABV]

Date of Bonding 8 June 1999, exclusive to La Maison du Whisky (335 Euros)

Nose Spicy notes of perfumed rose petal, to succulent red bell peppers, with a touch of garden mint in between. These aromas are held together by soft vanilla, along with cedar wood and charred oak.

Taste Silky and tongue coating with a burst of crisp light spices, vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of clove in balance with the fruity combination of unripe banana and green apple. The deeper notes of charred oak perfectly compliment the flinty character of the barley grains.

Finish Lengthy, yet soft and subtle.


Cask #31689 [46.0% ABV]

Date of Bonding 11 April 1997, exclusive to Celtic Whiskey Shop, Dublin

Nose Pale gold in colour with lively aromas of Seville oranges, marshmallow, mixed citrus peel, beeswax, and lemon curd and a hint of ginger bread and fruit cake.

Taste Full bodied and richly textured with a great combination of spice and fruit flavours. Characters of dried orange peel, apricots, fresh lemons, cloves, ginger and allspice all make an appearance on a slowly evolving palate.

Finish The finish is highly complex and multi-layered with pot still character coming through right to the end.


Cask #48750 [54.1% ABV]

Date of Bonding 12 November 1991, exclusive to The Whisky Exchange (£235)

Nose A presence of aromatic oils and spices typical of this style of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Some linseed, backed-up with a touch of menthol, paves the way for fleshy, exotic fruits as well as kiwi, melon and a squeeze of blackcurrant. The wood influence cannot be ignored with vanilla overtones and firm base notes of charred oak, completing the aromatics.

Taste The initial succulence of the fruity mouth-coating develops into a rich infusion of spices and fruit. Cinnamon, vanilla and dark chocolate, some sweet green pepper with cedar wood and charred oak, all delivered in harmony.

Finish A long and leisurely finish. The full complexity slowly fades leaving the last word to the barley.


Cask #1044 [53.8% ABV]

Date of Bonding 13 January 1995, exclusive to Dublin Airport Authority

Nose A rich full spicy aroma. The combination of spices, typical of this style of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey and the contribution of the ex-bourbon barrel produces sweet notes of liquorice, cinnamon and vanilla with some dark berries on a seasoned oak base.

Taste Soft and mellow with some dairy fudge quickly followed by the rich Pot Still spices. As a hint of clove fades, charred oak and vanilla are in balance with a touch of dried apricot.

Finish Pleasantly long with succulent dry barley at the conclusion.


Cask #1045 [54.3% ABV]

Date of Bonding 13 January 1995, exclusive to Dublin Airport Authority

Nose The combination of spices is typical of this type of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, with cinnamon, liquorice and black pepper in balance with charred oak and vanilla. Soft mellow fleshy fruit notes of melon and banana add to the complexity.

Taste The sweet fruity notes appear ahead of the rich spices. Creamy vanilla is a feature which, along with some charred oak, is the contribution of the ex-bourbon barrel from American white oak.

Finish Long and satisfying – from the Pot Still spices, through the wood, to the barley.


Cask #1046 [53.0% ABV]

Date of Bonding 13 January 1995, exclusive to Dublin Airport Authority

Nose A fully rounded aroma of rich Pot Still spices. Cinnamon and vanilla deliver some sweetness. In contrast a touch of black pepper, bitter almond and charred oak bring more robust earthy notes, while banana and mango make the balancing fruity contribution.

Taste Soft dairy toffee is the initial mouth coating sensation with fruits and spices to quickly follow. The sweet notes of cinnamon and vanilla harmonise with the deeper spices and fleshy fruit to deliver complexity.

Finish The rich character slowly fades to reveal the wood and barley foundations.


Cask #56279 [58.4% ABV]

Date of Bonding 16 June 1999, exclusive to Irisch Lifestyle

Nose Full, rich Pot Still character. Wood, vanilla and sweet spices are rounded off with some light floral notes. Some weight is added by a touch of freshly ground black pepper, leather and barley straw.

Taste A soft, spicy, sweet introduction develops into a rich balance of green apple, pear and red berries with cinnamon and clove. A fresh, grassy succulence along with some charred oak add the finishing touch.

Finish Long with the soft sweet fruity notes giving way to a delicate wood and barley balance.


Cask #40833 [58.8% ABV]

Date of Bonding 30 April 1999, exclusive to Irisch Lifestyle

Nose Distinctly rich in Pot Still spices and aromatic herbs. Succulent red bell peppers, black peppercorns and cinnamon combine perfectly with marzipan, mandarin orange and green tea. All laid upon a background of charred American oak.

Taste The initial sweet vanilla mouth coating quickly becomes enriched by the Pot Still spices balanced by some zesty citrus notes. Further complexity is added by some tannins associated with the charred wood.

Finish Long and satisfying with a nutty combination of wood and barley.

Cask #40219 [46.0% ABV]

Date of Bonding 29 April 1999, exclusive to James Fox, Grafton St, Dublin

Nose Crisp cereal notes of barley combine with delicate spices typical of this style of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. The charred oak and light tannins, of the ex-bourbon barrel, combine effortlessly with a touch of coconut oil, marshmallow and newly mown lawn.

Taste A sweet initial mouth coating evolves into a full rich tribute to a top grade American oak barrel. Creamy vanilla balances with the more earthy flavours of charred oak. While a touch of green apple and ripening banana add to the complexity.

Finish Pleasantly long with barley grains lingering as the rich flavours subside.