1964 Japanese whisky launches in Poland

Number One Drinks Company has bottled a limited edition 1964 Japanese whisky exclusively for Poland.

Cask 3603 from the now defunct Karuizawa distillery is said to be the oldest expression of Karuizawa and it has been bottled exclusively for clients of Polish investment firm Wealth Solutions.

The whisky has matured for over 48 years in 400 litre sherry casks and it is presented in a dark wooden box with a front made from Polish black fossil oak. It was bottled at cask strength – 57.7%abv and it is non-chill filtered.

The bottles are presented with a book by Dave Broom, a leading authority on Japanese whisky. He said: “Karuizawa is a Japanese whisky unlike any other. It is big, it is bold, it has solidity and weight, it is richly fruited, it revels in its oiliness, it has smoke, but has retained the very Japanese qualities of heightened aroma and precision of flavour.”

The Number One Drinks Company acquired the entire inventory of Karuizawa in 2011.