Glenmorangie unveils Cask Masters

Glenmorangie has announced the launch of a whisky programme, which will involve its followers in the selection of a new limited edition whisky.

The single malt Scotch whisky brand says ‘Glenmorangie Cask Masters’, will run for 18 months and will involve consumers globally in the development of a new release to launch in late 2014.

The LVMH-owned brand says Glenmorangie director of distilling and whisky creation, Dr Bill Lumsden, will conduct a five-stage task where consumers’ opinions and votes will determine the new whisky. The winning dram will be chosen from three ageing whiskies that are nearing the end of their maturation at the Glenmorangie Distillery.

During the 18-month programme consumers will be able to:

· Vote for their favourite of the three maturing whiskies;

· Be involved in the new expression’s naming;

· Decide what direction the packaging and design will take;

· Choose the photographic style that will bring the new limited edition to life;

· Choose the location of the launch and win the chance to attend it.

At each stage participants will also be able to win prizes including a VIP visit to the distillery and a trip to the country of origin of the oak cask in which the winning whisky has been matured.

Dr. Lumsden has already revealed his selection of the three whiskies to a group of leading international whisky experts, who have offered their initial views on his selection. Their tasting notes are available on the Glenmorangie Cask Masters website to guide participants.

At the later stages of the programme, design and photography experts will also offer their thoughts on the naming, packaging and launch suggestions received from Glenmorangie whisky fans.

Lumsden said: “This is a bold move for us – for years we have listened to fans of the brand and their views and reactions to the whiskies we have introduced. Now it’s their turn to become truly involved and I hope as many whisky aficionados as possible around the world will be able to join in and enjoy each stage of this exciting 18 month journey.

“We have crafted three rare whiskies for fans to choose from and those participating will be able to follow the process and interact online at:

Glenmorangie marketing manager Michael Atkinson, said: “We also know that people love to offer opinions on naming and label design so we look forward to involving whisky fans in this exciting process. As the whisky is ultimately at the heart of the programme, participants will be given the opportunity to sample the three whiskies at whisky shows around the world. A full list will be revealed on the website ensuring that as many as possible can get the chance to taste them in the ‘real world’."