Absolut goes denim with Cronk

Pernod Ricard has launched Absolut Denim, the latest version of the Swedish vodka brand.

Brooklyn-based ‘edgy’ denim designer Loren Cronk, described as a “star in the avant-garde street fashion scene with a global reputation for his handmade denim jeans”, has designed a second skin gift pack.

The Pernod Ricard-owned brand said the Cronk design gives the brand “elegance and swagger, street chic and cool, to get the party started.”

On the inside, the denim skin has a shield with cold preserving capacity, says the company.  Taken from the freezer, the Absolut Denim skin keeps the vodka cool for up to two hours – “genius for the proper urban summer party”.

The skin has a QR code which, when swiped with your smartphone, takes you to “Absolut Drinkspiration with its fabulous world of exciting classic and innovative new generation cocktails, exploring unrivalled mixability qualities”.

Absolut Company Global Travel Retail director, Anders Olsson, said: “Exciting creative collaborations have always been a core source of energy for Absolut in our constant strives to enter new dimensions in our brand evolution.

“Loren Cronk is just the kind of gifted artist, creator and entrepreneur that has the capacity to push boundaries, which is what Absolut is all about.”

The Absolut Denim campaign, executed worldwide by Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail, is backed by a marketing campaign in all available media, including brand installation in major international airports, tastings and other events.