Diageo to open gin palace

Diageo is to open a pop-up gin palace in London.

In recognition of gin’s growth, the drinks company is to bring together three top bartenders at the Tanqueray Gin Palace in Covent Garden from March 26-28.

The bartenders are Erik Lorincz from the Savoy in London, Diego Cabrera  from Le Cabrera, Madrid and Tristan Stephenson from Purl and Worship Street Whistling Shop, London.

According to Nielsen, gin sales grew 12% in pubs, bars and restaurants during 2012.

The Tanqueray Gin Palace is to be a modern take on the London gin palace, where Charles Tanqueray was said to be inspired in the 1830s - and it will open on the eve of his birthday.

Alex Werner, head of history collections, Museum of London said: “The rise of the gin palace reflected the growing confidence of the city. It would have been an exciting time for Londoners with gin palaces offering a chance to drink and exchange ideas outside of their own home.”

Erik Lorincz, head bartender at The Savoy, London, said: “It’s exciting to be helping bring gin back to its London roots, working with the people who helped to define the last great moment for gin. With the current trend for all things British, it is great to see a local flavour returning to the UK bar scene which has recently been dominated by US style speakeasies.”