National Apéritif Day in the UK

Maison Lillet, the French apéritif producer, has announced that Thursday May 16 is National Apéritif Day in the UK.

Marblehead Brand Development, distributor of Lillet Rosé, Lillet Blanc & Lillet Rouge in the UK, has joined forces with the US, a significant market for the brand, to promote National Apéritif Day on both sides of ‘the pond’

Lillet brand ambassador in the States, Amanda Boccato, said: “We're excited to bring a renewed focus to an extremely elegant, time-honoured tradition. As the 21st Century unfolds, we strive to keep the best of the past, while moving seamlessly into the future.

"Beginning a meal with a canapé or small bite and a delicious 'before dinner' drink is a wonderful custom that deserves attention both in the US and the UK. We hope it continues for generations to come."
Celebrants are invited to follow the day's festivities by posting photos and anecdotes to Lillet's Facebook page: UK.

Lillet is a 17% abv wine-based apéritif created in 1846 chemist Joseph Dubonnet as a quinine 'delivery system' to help people ingest the malaria-fighting medicine. Lillet is described as a blend of Bordeaux wines, plus citrus liqueurs, blended and aged in oak to impart a soft and rich character. Currently available in three varieties, Lillet Blanc, Lillet Rouge and Lillet Rosé,