London’s Coupette to launch new graffiti-inspired menu

Acclaimed East London bar Coupette has announced the launch of a new menu inspired by Banksy and the creative link between graffiti and the prohibition era.

Barely Legal, named for the first exhibition of works by Banksy, will feature twelve new cocktails, each paired with an artwork commission from six local muralists.

The collaboration was established to celebrate the work of the team’s favourite local artists, with each drink reflecting a journey through their work and the menu’s design.

Some highlights from the new menu include CornBread which mixes avocado Woodford Rye, beurre noisette distillate, smoked grits Lillet Rose, and lemon. Ombre with Glenlivet 12 years, toasted black sesame, Lillet Rouge, Campari, Punt E Mes, carob, cacao, tonka and balsamic squid ink, and Tequila Sunrise Spritz with mandarin Olmeca Altos, Italicus, Campari, turmeric and mandarin soda, scarlet grenadine and sparkling French wine.

Coupette opened in 2017 with a focus on cocktails and calvados. In 2018, the bar placed number 18 and was named Best New Opening at the 2018 World’s 50 Best Bars, featuring again in the list the following year.