W Europe targeted for super-premium growth

Leading super premium spirits brands are targeting growth in Western Europe, contradicting popular perception that the region is beleaguered, its markets saturated.

Alexander Mechetin, CEO of Beluga-owner Synergy told Drinks International: ”We are trying to expand Beluga in Western Europe, where the super-premium segment is underdeveloped compared with the US.

“It’s relatively small [as a market, but ]I believe people will consume less but more premium products. So we see a potential in Europe."

Patrón Spirits COO John McDonnell described Europe as a “challenge” but that “great growth potential” exists for super-premium tequila in the continent.

Talking about the UK specifically, McDonnell said growth for the  brand wouldn’t come from stealing share from other tequilas – currently an under-premiumised category in the market  - but subsuming share from other super-premium spirits.

He said: “If we focused just on the tequila category we would only go so far. We need to take share from whisky and vodka." 

McDonnell ventured that Patrón Añejo could appeal to Scotch whisky drinkers, while its Silver expression might offer a more flavourful alternative to vodka.

He said his strategy to develop the super-premium category in the region was to meet consumers on a personal level through secret dinner and drinks events. “We will not be able to take on a Diageo or Pernod Ricard – we don’t have the resources. We have to target consumers on a one-to-one basis.” he said