Anivin appoints Bruno Kessler as president

Anivin de France, the Association Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Vins de France, the French trade organisation for Vin de France wines, has appointed Bruno Kessler as its new president.

Having studied oenology at the University of Reims, 50-year-old Kessler was a grower, before becoming buying director of the GCF Group. He is currently associate director of Grand Sud Vin, part of the Bernard Taillan Group.

Kessler replaces René Moreno, who represented the wine growing side of the French wine industry. The organisation says the decision by Anivan members to alternate the presidency between wine growing and trade, shows their determination to working positively with both sides.

Kessler said: “With the Vin de France category, Anivin de France has proved that the French wine industry is capable of successfully facing the challenges of global competitiveness, fierce competition and diverse international consumer demands."

“With sales centred predominantly on exports and quadrupling in just three years, the Vin de France category has more than justified its existence,” said Kessler.

The Interprofession has adopted four objectives at the annual general meeting on April 16, 2013:
· Maintain the confidence that consumers and clients have shown in this category since its creation in 2009, and in so doing, strengthen its relevance to fuel increased market share and sales.
· Strengthen its promotion through image-building actions.
· Reinforce the competitiveness of the category to enable Vin de France to fight on a level playing field with wine producers throughout the world.
· Support the production of quality wine and encourage creativity and innovation in the Vin de France category.

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