Disaronno crowns Mixing Star

The title of Disaronno Mixing Star 2013 has been awarded to Dutch bartender, Tess Posthumus. The European final, held in Amsterdam’s Club Harbour, saw 18 bartenders compete.

Posthumus's Jaws inspired 'Killer Cocktail' impressed the judges, which included journalists and bar experts. 

Posthumus is to be rewarded with a trip to Italy for the Venice Film Festival, where she will have the opportunity to serve her Disaronno signature cocktail to celebrities.

The competition, now in its third year, started with castings which attracted over 1000 applicants. These were held in locations inspired by movie sets all over the world, including Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Australia, US and Canada.

This year, as part of its film theme, participants took part in acting master classes, where they were offered tips on how best to show off their talents.

Cocktail: Killer Cocktail

Movie: Jaws


45 ml Disaronno

30 ml gin: Beefeater

30 ml fresh lemon juice

10 ml Campari

10 ml passion fruit syrup: Monin

3 Dashes cranberry bitters Fee Brothers

Garnish: lemon zest


Shake all the ingredients with cubed ice, except for the bitters and zest. Strain over crushed ice into a pre-chilled shark-mug. Add 3 dashes of the cranberry bitters on top (bramble-style) to make it look like a bloody float, add a short straw and the lemon zest, cut into a shark fin.