Use pubs or lose them

CAMRA (the Campaign for Real Ale), is calling on British people to use pubs otherwise they will close. It claims 26 pubs close every week in Britain.

The pub pressure group has released new research that highlights the importance of the local pub in British lives

The key question in the research was: Have you ever done any of the following at the pub?

The main findings of the new research were:

· 75% have celebrated a friend/family birthday;

· 48% have celebrated a life at a wake;

· 48% have had a date;

· 42% have attended a wedding anniversary;

· 36% have ‘wet the baby’s head’;

· 20% have met their current partner.

CAMRA chief executive Mike Benner, said: “This new research shows how many communities rely on the pub to celebrate important landmarks in our lives from wetting the baby’s head to toasting someone’s life. With more local facilities like community halls closing around Britain, the British pub is for many the only facility the community can use. The new research does throw open the question - Where would we be celebrating special occasions or meeting our future loved ones without the local pub?”

CAMRA’s third national pub campaign of the year, ‘Pubs in Our Lives’, runs throughout this month. The objective of the campaign is to highlight how often people use pubs for special events throughout their lives and ask the question ‘Where would we be without the local?’

The group has distributed approximately 6,500 free ‘Pubs in Our Lives’ promotional packs that include beer mats and posters to help pubs promote these important messages to their visitors.

Benner said: “Almost 4-in-10 pub-goers highlighted in the new research that they are visiting the pub less often that they did just 12 months ago. This is worrying and as a staggering 26 pubs are still closing every week it is important we use our pubs more regularly and not only for these special occasions. The British pub needs the British public’s support throughout the year otherwise community life will diminish in many parts of the country.”