Absolut and Baz Luhrmann create Oz vodka

Film director Baz Luhrmann has created an Absolut limited edition bottle to celebrate Australia. Absolut Oz is to be available in Australia from March 2014.

Luhrmann created the spiced-orange flavoured vodka alongside Absolut in Ahus, Sweden.

Julien Hemard, managing director at Pernod Ricard Australia said: “We are extremely pleased and proud to be collaborating with one of the great visionary minds of the contemporary world in Baz to realise the first Australian Absolut limited edition. Baz is one of the world’s renowned inspirations in creativity. Working with Absolut, Baz has captured the unique essence of Australia.”

Luhrmann is said to have been inspired by beach culture in Australia.

When the project began, Luhrmann was in the final stages of his feature film, “The Great Gatsby”. Luhrmann said: “Working for the last three years on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, it has been very hard not to think about alcohol, as, after all, ‘The Roaring 20’s’ were a time of Prohibition, when, of course, everyone drank. And my wife Catherine and I did our research. For Catherine, it is about the Champagne. But for me it is about the cocktail. And it is hard to think about the cocktail without thinking about great vodka.

“While creating the drinks which feature and celebrate Absolut Oz, we reflected on that moment when the sun dips below the horizon and, as we say in the movies, the magic hour is upon us," he added.

Luhrmann worked closely with Absolut to create four cocktails, each of which is a toast to four famous beaches around Australia. They are the Tama-Glama, The Hells Bells Beach, the Cable Beach “Stairway to the Moon” and The South Avoca Elevator.

Absolut Oz will feature a neck tag with story notes, images and recipes for each of the four cocktails created by Luhrmann.