Martini relaunches Martini Bitter

Bacardi Martini has announced the re-launching of its Martini Bitter which it says is the original bitter aperitif.

Celebrating its 150th Anniversary year, Martini says Bitter is made to the same original recipe that was developed by the founders of Martini back in 1872, using only pure and natural ingredients

With the bartender-led resurgence of interest in Vermouth, Martini is anxious to re-emphasise itself as the world’s leading Vermouth as well as reconnecting to the brand’s classic cocktail heritage.

It will be available exclusively to the London on-trade for three months through Coe Vintners from now (March 14).

The company says Martini is currently worth £49.1m in the UK (Nielsen/CGA on-trade) and is the No. 1 spirit brand in Europe by volume (IWSR). Martini Bitter is targeted at a new generation of consumers to the brand. Aimed at LDA (legal drinking age)-35 year old males, Martini believes it to be perfectly positioned to capitalise on the trend for classic cocktails and the versatile taste profile of Martini bitter will appeal to stylish young consumers.

The company says Martini master herbalist Ivano Tonutti, is tasked with seeking out the finest ingredients to create the unique balance between bitterness, sweetness and refreshing citrus – sweet oranges and limes are used for the fresh citrus character; Italian Artemisia, Chinese Rhubarb and Gentian for the gentle bitterness; and roses from Bulgaria to add a delicate aromatic character. The botanicals are blended with pure water and natural alcohol to create the refreshing spirit, and the crimson colour is entirely naturally, reassures Martini.

Coe Vintners’ sales director Mike Beavan said: “We are delighted to have a three month exclusive distribution of the new Martini Bitter to London’s premium on-trade. At Coe Vintners, being first to market is always exciting; our established relationships with London’s best bars, restaurants and five star hotels will allow us to launch Martini Bitter and initiate its journey throughout the UK.”

Bacardi UK marketing director John Grieveson said: “Martini has always been rooted in drinks innovation and as we celebrate our 150th anniversary by reliving our classic cocktail legacy, we are re-launching some of the great products created in the time of our founders. First created by our founder Luigi Rossi, Martini Bitter offers an explosion of flavours with gentle bitter, zesty lime and a touch of honey and we invite everyone to rediscover the classic cocktails that its special recipe creates.”